Six families, made up of Ralph Cravens, Clyde Forsyth, Virgil Keyes, Dan Price, Joe Smith and Walter Woods, asked for and received permission from the elders at Avenue B church of Christ to announce the starting of a new congregation. The fIrst meeting was held on August 15, 1959, at three o'clock in the afternoon in the Gaines County Courthouse. Approximately fifty-two persons were present, sixteen families represented. Brother Hugh Rhodes, at that time coach and athletic director of Lubbock Christian College, came to Seminole each Lord's day and preached for the congregation. 

In September of 1959 the Seminole Funeral Home Chapel became the place of worship while Bible classes were held in member's homes.

Soon thereafter a piece of land, located on Denver City Highway, was purchased. 

In February of 1960 groundbreaking ceremonies for a new building were held. Overseeing most of the construction was Brother Julian Gady. The original building was a Quonset style. The total cost for land and building was $30,000.00. Later, a south wing was added for classroom space and still later a north wing was added for additional classroom space. Members did all of the work on the classroom additions, except the tile work. Work day at the building was every day and every weekend until construction was completed on these additions. Notes were signed and individual members guaranteed payment by endorsement. 

The fIrst elders at Westside were Virgil (Peanut) Keyes, Joe McKinney, and Walter Woods. 

In February 1977, the congregation purchased 8.7 acres on NW 23rd Street with plans to build a new building. Construction of the new building began in 1979 and the first meeting in the new building was held on September 30, 1979. 

In July 2002, the LORD saw fit to bring the Westside church and 7th Street church of Christ together as one church. 

Many members have come and gone. Few that were here in the beginning are still here today. From the beginning however, the members at Westside were determined to serve the Lord, "This work has been started for the sole purpose of advancing the cause of Christ in cooperating with other churches of Christ in all good works. These people are dedicated to the love of the Brotherhood at home and abroad, to rendering of aid to the less fortunate and the preaching of Christ in a positive constructive manner and attitude to the whole world." Over the years Westside has helped support a number of missionaries in the United States as well as Argentina, South America, and Russia. Westside continues to support numerous children's homes and Lakeview Christian Home. Locally, Westside conducts devotionals at the Assisted Living Center and Nursing Home, provides benevolent work for those in need and offers one-on-one Bible studies.